Learn all about substrates from the bottom to the top.

 Foundation to Finish begins with preparing 8 different substrates and finishes with using negative painting techniques to carve out 8 gorgeous semi-abstract floral compositions!


Have you ever thought about how much the surface you paint on can affect the results you are getting when it comes to your art? 


In foundation to finish you will be experimenting with different substrates as well as learning different techniques for preparing them. This is a journey of self discovery, a chance to play and learn from  and make new creative discoveries. You don't need to know how to recreate flowers in exact detail, you don't even have to draw a thing. Nope, no pencils necessary. 


Foundation to Finish is about playing with surface texture and porosity and seeing how thick and thin washes of paint react. Once you have finished playing you will take your color splashed substrates and use negative painting techniques to carve out beautiful abstract floral still life paintings. When working in a series like this, you will see how your work naturally falls into a similar flow which is fantastic when trying to develop a body of work that works well with each other. 



Supplies needed:


matte medium

two small canvases

two small pieces of 140lb watercolor paper

two small hardboard panels (mdf or anything smooth and hard and porus)

two small pieces of cotton muslin fabric

acrylic paint in three primary colors

(suggested: French Ultramarine blue, Alizarin Crimson or permanent Rose, Lemon yellow or Windsor Lemon)

Paint brushes, scraper (old bank card)


neocolor pastels (water based)

Oil pastels



This is a self paced class but students will be invited to share their work with each other and me in a private facebook group. Once you are registered you will be sent a link where you can ask to join the group. Once there I will do everything I can to help you along on your journey.

Can't wait to see you there!



Sunny Floral
fushia floral
classic floral
floral 8 copy
floral glass
summer floral
violet floral

8 fabulous foundations for 8 fabulous finishes!

Join me now and start exploring!





Do I have to buy all the supplies on the materials list? 

Absolutely not, however the supply list is not very long. You will actually be using three primary colors to mix all of the colors you need. Chances are, unless you are new to art, you probably have all the supplies already. Honestly, the theme of this class is exploring what you have, so feel free to substitute. 

Do I have to do all the assignments? 

The way this class is designed, you will be working on all of your projects at the same time, working in a series. Only at the end will you be working on each one individually, however if one of them don't progress to something you feel inspired to finish, that is your call. Keep in mind, I have often progressed to a point where I want to throw something out and once I am there I loose attachment, which frees me to take risks that often pay off.  

What if I get behind? 

The class is self paced and you will have access for as long as the site is active. Videos are all downloadable as well. 

Do I have to join the Facebook group? 

Absolutely not, but it really is a great way to share your work and see what others are doing with the lessons. It is such an enriching process and it is so much fun just to connect with other artists. I am hosting the group at facebook but I know there are some who disklike facebook. If you would like feedback from me personally feel free to email me. 🙂

Can I share the workshop? 

This is a private course for those that have paid, I kindly ask that you please respect me and everyone who has paid for the course and not share the links/passwords.  Thank you. 

Can I share my work on my blog? 

ABSOLUTELY! I would love that! Please do keep in mind sharing the process would be sharing class content though, so I ask that you use your judgement about what is appropriate to share. If you are a hashtagger on instagram or twitter etc. if you could hashtag your posts #foundationtofinish that would be great! 

Can I sell my work created during the workshop? 

Of course you can!  

Do I need high speed internet? 

It really helps reduce frustration having a high speed connection. I have opted to allow downloading of the videos for those who have slow connections. I live in a rural community so I feel your pain and love to be able to download and watch without buffering. 

Do I need a computer to view them? 

No, the Videos/Lessons will be viewable on multiple devices, though I can not 100% guarantee they will work on ALL devices. They do work on Ipads and Iphones.

Can I offer workshops based on the techniques shared in your workshop?

I kindly ask that you wouldn't. Please understand that it can take years for an artist to develop techniques, hours and hours to plan, film, edit and upload their materials with website costs, video hosting fees etc. 

Can I write an article for publication on techniques used during this course? 

Please use good judgment when considering doing so.  If you do, take what you learn from what I offer and mold it into your own original ideas. Many techniques have been around for centuries and nobody owns them. If you take several techniques, use them in a specific order to create a consistent look, then you have made those techniques your own. 

Once I sign up for the course can I change my mind? 

Sorry, but there are no refunds once you have signed up for this course. If you are having any issues with gaining access to materials let me know and I will make sure any issues will be solved.


Thank you.  






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