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June 15, 2016 prairiefairy No comments exist

IMG_9124 copy

I know I have been missing around here so much as of late. With other things going on and my daughter graduating I have been so busy I didn’t get a chance to touch a tube of paint for near a month. It was killing me. Despite having way too many things to do I pulled out a canvas and some paint last week and created a little floral. I recorded it all, including some of my thought process towards composition. The rest is speed up so as not to take hours to watch. If you find the speed too fast you can always click on the gear in the bottom right of the player, then select speed and slow it down. You might be able to see things better.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 3.15.29 PM

Hope you enjoy, I will post some pictures soon of some of what I was busy doing and why I was doing it. Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you soon!

And now for the videos!

March 31, 2016 prairiefairy No comments exist

IMG_3969 copy

What is a daily arts practice? I suck at it, really. I don’t know how or why I talk myself out of it. It’s kind of fun to just mess around a bit with no strings, feelings of having to pull it off perfect. It’ more like a doodle for fun. I have come to realize it is important, like practicing your music, playing a piece over and over till its perfect. Why do we expect to get it right the first time… like magic.

Don’t overlook the things you would normally throw away, like the paper towels you cleaned your brushes on, the paper that protects the table (see above and my little 10 min sketch of my matte medium bottle on my the paper I clean my brushes on) all the scrap bits of failed watercolours and patterned paper. Sometimes these things are just what you need for a creative jump start!

I made a little how to video which I will post soon, showing how I use my leftover pallet paint to create a new and totally fun piece of art using a transfer technique.

 I will also have some wonderful and exciting news to share soon, stay tuned.



March 1, 2016 prairiefairy No comments exist

The classroom is now open! Join me in learning about substrates, how they can affect the finished look of your artwork. We might as well throw in a little color theory while we’re at it too. 8 different substrates, 8 different beautiful floral still life paintings to inspire you.

Join me now


February 13, 2016 prairiefairy No comments exist

Today a friend of fur babies graciously helped out with rescuing three sick pups, one of which is desperately ill. I am trying to spread some love by helping her organization Save A Dog Network by raising some money to pay for the vet bills for these little ones. If you would love to help out and get some totally adorable stamps to color up you’re in luck!

Purchase the SADN Stamp Pack now and 100% of the sale will go to helping our furry little friends.

February 12, 2016 prairiefairy No comments exist

Right now, to celebrate the season of love, you can enjoy %25 off all of my workshops! The sales don’t stop there however because you can also purchase the SEASONAL MEGA PACK of digital stamps for $20.00! So if you are into adult coloring and want to pull out the pencil crayons and make some cards maybe… head on over to the shop to get in on the deal!




December 28, 2015 prairiefairy 45 comments


Wow, what can I say other than welcome to the new Prairie Fairy Studios website! I am just so darned excited that I feel like I have to pinch myself. It seems like its been in the works forever.

If you pop by the store you will see that I still have the digital images in the shop, I am now just offering them as sets rather than single images. All of the images that were in each of the categories are now offered in a set named after its original category at a fantastic low price!

What’s new is you can now purchase my original artwork as well as high quality signed prints. The fun doesn’t end there though. I am also offering on-line mixed media art workshops, hosted right here! Once you have registered for a class you will receive an email with the login information. The classroom hosts all of the class material as well as HD videos for you to watch directly in the classroom. Don’t have high speed internet and worried about buffering? No worries! You can download the videos as well.

To celebrate the launch of the brand new site I am offering a free spot in the Magazines to Masterpiece 1&2 online classes! I am also giving away a free spot for Foundations to Finish online class which will be re-released this March, registration will open February 15th. I am also offering the Magazines to Masterpiece bundle set for an additional %25 off the already discounted price. Get both classes, regular $110.00 for only $63.75!


If you decide to purchase now but end up winning a spot you will be refunded.

Contest Rules

To be entered all I ask is that you leave a comment on this post and share a link to this post on a social media site like instagram, twitter, facebook, google+… whichever you like. If you share on more than one platform, you can enter, via comment, for each platform you share on. You can also get an entry for liking my Facebook page and becoming a subscriber too, just make sure you leave another comment here. So if you share this post on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe, you get three entries. If you were already a subscriber, go ahead and leave a comment that you are a subscriber.

PLEASE NOTE: You will get one entry for each item you complete, not for each time you share. eg. If you share this post on Facebook three times, you will only get one entry (via comment).


Also thought I would mention that I have started a Prairie Fairy Studios group at Facebook. It is open to everyone. A creative place to share ideas and your work with other kindred spirits. There are challenges, some of which I offer prizes for. It’s just a fun place for us to learn and share with each other. Please do pop by and join us!

If you don’t want to miss out on any upcoming offers or free tutorials make sure you subscribe.