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March 21, 2017 prairiefairy No comments exist

This was, seriously, just a quick snap out the car window while we were driving by the river in Scanterbury MB. I do this all the time. I don't ask DH to slow down or anything. I just keep my camera open on my phone and when I see something coming I might like, I just aim and click, repeatedly. Some are so blurry I have to just delete them but its funny when I go back to look at them. It's like Christmas, 10 awful presents like the ugly Christmas sweaters and a thigh master, and then BAM... this brilliant and amazing shot, miraculously in focus and perfectly composed. The only downfall is I have to delete the doozies but its worth it.

Once I have a good shot I throw it into one of my favorite apps like enlight, icolorama, procreate and many more. Fool around with a few brushes and playing with the tone and voila. Some of the apps are so good you can actually edit full size photos, export them and send them off to be printed on a canvas. Oh yeah!

Gonna try it? You should.

Have fun!

March 12, 2017 prairiefairy No comments exist

I love taking photos with my Iphone. It's handy, you always have your phone with you, and its so easy to just whip it out when something beautiful pops before your eyes. I often use them for inspiration for paintings. The apps out there for editing photos can be overwhelming. There are so many and some of them seem to need a degree to figure out how to use them. Of the few dozen paid and fee ones I have, one that I go to all the time is Enlight. For some reason, for me, it just has enough of everything I want. I also seem to learn something new about it every time I use it. One thing I use a lot is in the tool section, the mixer tool. It allows you to layer photos or copies of the same photo and change the blending mode, like you would in photoshop.

Here are a couple samples of the effects I created with two photos I quickly snapped out the window of the car while DH was driving. Before is on the right, after is on the left. All edits were done in Enlight.

And yet another ditch shot....

There is so much more that can be achieved I know, but that's the fun. Figuring it out as I go along 😉



July 29, 2016 prairiefairy 2 comments

An artsy friend of mine has started a sketching group, inspired by the Urban Sketching movement. Because we are rural we aren't really an urban sketching group (wink wink) so we decided to call ourselves #riversketchcrawlers. We definitely have an ample supply of river around us ha ha.

We've been getting together every monday now for about a month (for me, them longer as Leah is the one who started the group) and I am completely enjoying our trips together, the art talk afterwards. I've gotten back to my watercolors because of it and I realized I missed them! What perfect timing since it is national watercolor month!

These were my two sketches I completed on my first evening with the group.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.13.32 AM Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.14.01 AM

I ran out the next day to get myself a couple of proper art journals. I purchased two Strathmore journals, a 140lb cold pressed and a smooth 90lb mixed media. The next morning over my morning coffee I broke the Mixed Media journal in. I did a quick sketch of my deck chairs.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.14.12 AM

      I think i've just realized how much I have missed my watercolors. 😉


June 6, 2016 prairiefairy 4 comments


This is the third time I have painted onto this canvas. Each one was wildly different from the last. I will have to share the photos. I did film this last go however so I am sure it will make it onto youtube soon if you are so inclined to visit. I am brushing up my skills with the ole art supplies because I have some amazing news!!!!!!!!!

The lovely and oh so talented Mystele Kirkeeng and I are going to be teaching at an art retreat this fall in Syracuse New York!!!!!!! O M G! I am so over the moon excited about this, you have no idea. I am absolutely intrigued with the format we are offering. Why you ask, well, its all in the name.

Beauty and the Brush

Mystele is Beauty: the intuitive style whisperer, she is going to guide you along on a path to find your true artistic voice.

Me, I am the brush: the technique and tool guru, I am going to teach you everything about how to master the tools and materials you use to create, maybe introduce you to some new ones too!

If I have piqued your interest and you can't wait to find out more, check out this short promo video that gives you a little taste of what we do. Would love to have you join us if you can!


I have have to admit I have not been painting much at all lately, other things good and bad going on. My daughter is graduating this year so I have been desperately trying to clean up and landscape at least some of the backyard so we can have a little party for her back there. We built a fence last year and the yard was basically demolished in the process. I really enjoy doing it, I love the power tools lol. I will definitely post some pictures of the progress in the backyard as I go along. But for now I decided I needed to brush up and get practicing for Beauty and the Brush.

Hope your summer is shaping up to be wonderful and if you are on the other side of the continent where winter is upon you, too bad for you! HA HA! Myself, I can't wait for the warm sunny beaches and bike rides oh and the paint nights in my backyard too, when its done that is!



April 2, 2016 prairiefairy 1 comment

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Cabbage Roses

Cabbage Roses CU1

I have three original paintings up for auction starting tomorrow morning 9:00am PT so this could be your chance to get one at a steal, that is of course unless the bids go up. You never know... Bidding starts at $55.00 US for each one and the auction stays open till Sunday! I am so dang nervous about this. If you want to participate in bidding you need to go to The Gallery Nouveau page over on Facebook. There will also be some amazing and beautiful artwork including jewelry from other talented artists as well so worth snooping. Wink wink. Hope to see you there!