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Posted by prairiefairy on March 21, 2017

Another digital painting with Icolorama app

This was, seriously, just a quick snap out the car window while we were driving by the river in Scanterbury MB. I do this all the time. I don’t ask DH to slow down or anything. I just keep my camera open on my phone and when I see something coming I might like, I just aim and click, repeatedly. Some are so blurry I have to just delete them but its funny when I go back to look at them. It’s like Christmas, 10 awful presents like the ugly Christmas sweaters and a thigh master, and then BAM… this brilliant and amazing shot, miraculously in focus and perfectly composed. The only downfall is I have to delete the doozies but its worth it.

Once I have a good shot I throw it into one of my favorite apps like enlight, icolorama, procreate and many more. Fool around with a few brushes and playing with the tone and voila. Some of the apps are so good you can actually edit full size photos, export them and send them off to be printed on a canvas. Oh yeah!

Gonna try it? You should.

Have fun!

Posted by prairiefairy on March 12, 2017

IPhoneography and editing apps for inspiration?

I love taking photos with my Iphone. It’s handy, you always have your phone with you, and its so easy to just whip it out when something beautiful pops before your eyes. I often use them for inspiration for paintings. The apps out there for editing photos can be overwhelming. There are so many and some of them seem to need a degree to figure out how to use them. Of the few dozen paid and fee ones I have, one that I go to all the time is Enlight. For some reason, for me, it just has enough of everything I want. I also seem to learn something new about it every time I use it. One thing I use a lot is in the tool section, the mixer tool. It allows you to layer photos or copies of the same photo and change the blending mode, like you would in photoshop.

Here are a couple samples of the effects I created with two photos I quickly snapped out the window of the car while DH was driving. Before is on the right, after is on the left. All edits were done in Enlight.

And yet another ditch shot….

There is so much more that can be achieved I know, but that’s the fun. Figuring it out as I go along 😉



Posted by prairiefairy on February 26, 2017

Collective Voices – Group Show at Cre8ery Gallery – Winnipeg Manitoba



Who are the Collective Voices?

Moi (of course) and I am the – Wanderer

Elena El – City

Glenna Mulvihill – UNravelled

Dave Marshal – Spindrift

Collective Voices is a look into each artists interpretation of their chosen word. 

I am the wanderer, to move about without a definite destination. Explore a collection of landscapes I have traversed, experience through my eyes and feel them as I did while drifting across Canada from Vancouver to New Brunswick. 

Join us April 20th for opening night at

Cre8ery Gallery and Studios 

I hope to see you there!



Posted by prairiefairy on September 29, 2016

Mixed Media Koi – acrylic on watercolor paper class


Just wanted to swing by and let you know that I am currently upgrading and re-releasing my original Mixed Media Koi painting class. If you are interested in learning how to paint deep blue bubbling waters with gorgeous koi fish, stay tuned…

Posted by prairiefairy on September 4, 2016

Labor Day Sale!


Enjoy 40% off on all classes including bundles right now! Head on over to the classes page in the SHOP.

Happy Labor Day folks!