Welcome to the gallery. Works are currated into collections based on style/theme rather than media used. Most of my artwork is mixed media however I do have a sketchbook collection which is watercolor and pen and ink. 

Thank you for visiting my gallery. Feel free to contact me for commission work.

This gallery is still under construction, new works will be added daily so please do check back soon.

The Whimsy and Wonder collection is a body of work full of magic and mystery. Quirky characters, magical fairies and who can guess what else could be found. Click the thumbnails to view each full size. 

My Florals are often created from abstracted backgrounds created using various media including pastels, acrylics, inks as well as stencils and collage. I love creating textures by scraping into impasto paint, revealing previous layers. 

I love Landscapes and it’s funny because I never used to. I just never thought I was a landscape painter. It was only after I let go of hyper-realism that I fell madly in love with landscapes. I prefer to keep them loose and watery yet sprinkled with opaque highly textured areas that beg to be touched.