Another digital painting with Icolorama app

This was, seriously, just a quick snap out the car window while we were driving by the river in Scanterbury MB. I do this all the time. I don’t ask DH to slow down or anything. I just keep my camera open on my phone and when I see something coming I might like, I just aim and click, repeatedly. Some are so blurry I have to just delete them but its funny when I go back to look at them. It’s like Christmas, 10 awful presents like the ugly Christmas sweaters and a thigh master, and then BAM… this brilliant and amazing shot, miraculously in focus and perfectly composed. The only downfall is I have to delete the doozies but its worth it.

Once I have a good shot I throw it into one of my favorite apps like enlight, icolorama, procreate and many more. Fool around with a few brushes and playing with the tone and voila. Some of the apps are so good you can actually edit full size photos, export them and send them off to be printed on a canvas. Oh yeah!

Gonna try it? You should.

Have fun!