Month: March 2016

A few scribbles on the slop paper…

IMG_3969 copy

What is a daily arts practice? I suck at it, really. I don’t know how or why I talk myself out of it. It’s kind of fun to just mess around a bit with no strings, feelings of having to pull it off perfect. It’ more like a doodle for fun. I have come to realize it is important, like practicing your music, playing a piece over and over till its perfect. Why do we expect to get it right the first time… like magic.

Don’t overlook the things you would normally throw away, like the paper towels you cleaned your brushes on, the paper that protects the table (see above and my little 10 min sketch of my matte medium bottle on my the paper I clean my brushes on) all the scrap bits of failed watercolours and patterned paper. Sometimes these things are just what you need for a creative jump start!

I made a little how to video which I will post soon, showing how I use my leftover pallet paint to create a new and totally fun piece of art using a transfer technique.

 I will also have some wonderful and exciting news to share soon, stay tuned.